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With over 60 years combined in the industry, we have observed the fascinating trajectory of the Heuer brand. We were among the first to foresee the evolution of these lesser-known sports watches into some of the most popular timepieces on the vintage watch market.

Established 20 years ago, Vintage Heuer fuelled the renaissance of Heuer – celebrating the groundbreaking designs and rich motorsports heritage all emerging from decades of bold innovation.

Through our expertise and continued passion for Heuer, we are committed to delivering the finest collection of Heuer timepieces and accessories.

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With a combined experience of over 60 years in the watch industry, it was a natural fit for friends and collectors, Jonathan Scatchard and Guy Nelson-Bolton to join forces and form the company, Investing In Time Ltd. Jonathan’s passion for Heuer watches is enhanced by Guy’s fascination and deep knowledge of such historical brands as Rolex and Omega.

Our sister site, Vintage Watch Shop, showcases the finest vintage timepieces from the world’s most famous watch brands. We respond to the demands of a dynamic watch market, supplying our customers with an eclectic range of vintage timepieces. From famously rare ‘60s sports watches to understated military chronographs, we are proud to offer many of history’s greatest watches.

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November 7, 2023


We were there when Heuer became ‘Vintage’

November 4, 2022

In 2000 FHM magazine ran a series of articles about unusual collections and collectors. They contacted myself because for some time, while working in a retail jewellers, I decided to look for and collect Heuer watches. Nobody displayed the slightest bit of interest in what were then dismissed as “second hand Tags”.


A visit to the Tag Heuer Factory

March 20, 2022

We were delighted to be invited to Tag Heuer Switzerland to a special vintage watch dealers day representing the UK. First up was a very interesting talk about the whole vintage watch market (which is booming, only the day before in Geneva several world record prices were set at auction) and the sharp increase in demand and price of Vintage Heuer watches.


The Story of James Garners Carrera

August 29, 2020

Pictures of Hollywood legend wearing a classic Carrera would often turn up in forums etc, great shots of James in the Rockford Files with this iconic chronograph were shared on the net in various forums with a mystery line of text which could not be deciphered.


Vintage Heuer featured in July’s Issue of Oracle Time Magazine

July 16, 2020

Recently we had the privilege of working with Sam Kessler of Oracle Time to embark on a new series of articles detailing some of history’s most overlooked timepieces. Our ‘Unsung Heroes’ series, written by our very own Jake Scatchard, kicked off with the Heuer Camaro- considered the brand’s dark horse in their vintage catalogue.


We can now make a mount to fit any watch on the dashboard (or desk)

May 28, 2019

We are very happy to present custom made mounts which can take any stop watch and mount it on the dash board of your classic car. The finish is in either black PVD or engine turned steel. They can be made to fit any number you wish, please email for details.

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Over 60 years
in the watch industry

An idea conceived in the late ‘90s and established in 2003, Vintage Heuer is the product of two Heuer enthusiasts: Jonathan Scatchard and Guy Nelson-Bolton.

Constantly pursuing Heuer’s most incredible timepieces, Jonathan and Guy’s fiery enthusiasm for these watches continues to grow.

With popularity rising dramatically, these fabulous sports watches have become serious investment pieces. In partnership with Calibre 11, the primary source of in-depth analyses into every Heuer reference, we are committed to helping you make an informed choice in finding the right Heuer for you.

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