The Story of James Garners Carrera

By Rob Kendal on 29/08/17 in: Latest News

Pictures of Hollywood legend wearing a classic Carrera would often turn up in forums etc, great shots of James in the Rockford Files with this iconic chronograph were shared on the net in various forums with a mystery line of text which could not be deciphered. One day I tweeted a great picture of James and the watch and was delighted to get a “like” by Gigi Garner, James’ daughter, so after a couple of messages followed by a phone call I was so excited that Gigi said she had a her Dad’s watch and the mystery text turned out to be his name. The next thing to do was get David from the brilliant to tell the story. We will have some more news to follow- keep watching the site for clues!

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Come and visit us at the Harrogate Pavilions Antique fair November 17th to 19th

By Jonathan Scatchard on 28/08/17 in: Latest News, News

The fair onefair when all our collections are on view, email [email protected] for complimentary tickets or download from , look forward to seeing you there.

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Vintage Heuer Featured in GQ Magazine June 2018

By Jonathan Scatchard on 25/08/17 in: Latest News, News

The June 2018 issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly illuminates both the splendour of modern watchmaking as well as fascinating tales of the field’s past. In the coming month’s GQ Watch and Jewellery guide, Bill Prince details the extraordinary partnership shared by aviation and watchmaking and how this important relationship is evoked through the 2018 Cartier Santos. Furthermore the guide draws attention to newly launched collections to be presented at The Royal Exchange’s fifth annual Watch & Jewellery Week, as well gifting the spotlight to the highly acclaimed carbon-cased TAG Heuer x Bamford Watch Department exclusive Monaco. Recently Jonathan, one of the founders of Vintage Heuer, was contacted by James Gurney to assist with part 5 of the Anatomy of a Watch Collection which explores the value in collecting alternative watch brands. In the article Jonathan attributes the evolving vintage Heuer market to its rich heritage, with each Heuer watch a vibrant symbol of the grandeur of ’60s and ’70s racing culture. Subsequent appeal to enthusiasts of both watchmaking and Motorsports has caused Heuer to make significant noise in the collecting community, causing many to question whether Heuer’s rising market will soon rival larger brands. The full quote from the article reads: Heuer is the brand catching up fastest with the big two and it’s instructive to see how the market is evolving and what Heuer collectors seem to be looking for. Jonathan Scatchard, one of the founders of, has been interested in the brand since the Nineties. As he puts it, the40

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The Vintageheuer/Bamford Monaco

By Jonathan Scatchard on 16/08/17 in: Latest News, News

Following meeting George Bamford in 2000 when I had my original collection including lots of “new old stock”, we have continued discussing watches we love over the years. I was delighted when his company, Bamford Watch Department, became the official customisation house for LVMH brands Zenith, BVLGARI and TAG Heuer last year.   The TAG Heuer Monaco “The Dark Lord” has always eluded me and indeed over the years, I have twice missed out on owning one of these beautiful rare watches. Recently George suggested that we should come up with a design which was special to me with all that is vintage and could also add the “twist” that Bamford Watch Department is infamous for.   It seemed like the perfect opportunity and with BWD’s expertise, the Monaco proved to be a perfect watch to work on. We changed the red to orange as black and orange has always been my favourite colour combination. George and his team added the perfect twist by adding chequered flag elements which feature on the hard to find original boxes.   This one off piece is available for £8,500.

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