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About us

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the watch industry, it was a natural fit for friends and collectors, Jonathan Scatchard and Guy Nelson-Bolton to join forces and form the company, Investing in Time Limited.

Jonathan’s passion for Heuer watches is enhanced by Guy’s fascination and deep knowledge of Omega and its history. As prices continue to soar, the word ‘investment’ is a legitimate word to use when previously, ‘collecting’ would have been widely used to describe the interest in vintage watches.

For this reason, it is essential to spend wisely, secure in the knowledge that experienced dealers are able to offer both expertise and professional guarantees. These qualities are of huge importance to both Jonathan and Guy and they are only too happy to guide and advise potential investors.


Visit our partner site CALIBRE 11 to find the most comprehensive guide to vintage and Tag Heuer watches including the original catalogues of the era.

Please use the Contact Us page to arrange a consultation for further advice on either buying or selling.


Jonathan Scatchard

about-jon-imgJonathan has worked with a multitude of brands over the years and is well-respected in the watch industry. Jonathan is renowned for his coordination of the very first Heuer-themed auction with Sotheby’s, alongside the former Managing Director of Tag Heuer (UK), Neil Duckworth. He is also recognised internationally for setting up the first Heuer website – www.vintageheuer.com

Jonathan is also the highly acclaimed author of the Miller’s Guide to Wristwatches, How to Compare and Value”, in addition to being a regular contributor to QP Magazine, International Wristwatch, Classic and Sports Car and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

“Having struggled in the past to find a buyer to pay £450 for a new, old stock Heuer Monaco, to now see such pieces achieve figures in their tens of thousands, re-affirms the endless investment opportunities, something which never fails to excite me.”

Favourite watch

“I have a huge list but my fondness for the original 1960s Carrera is too hard to match.”

Guy Nelson-Bolton

about-guy-imgGuy has an extensive knowledge and passion for both vintage and modern watches, specialising in Omega, Rolex and Breitling. He has built a large and extremely loyal following and is an important influence on vintageheuer’s sister site www.vintagewatchshop.com, a showcase for many quality vintage watches by other brands.

“I enjoy meeting like-minded people who never cease to inspire me and in this business, there is constantly scope to learn more.”

Favourite watch

“It is an absolute ‘no-brainer’ for me – the Omega Speedmaster in all of its forms. A timeless design from 1957, steeped in history from its selection by NASA to be the first watch worn on the moon during Apollo 11, which remains to be one of the best horology stories ever.”

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Rock Legend Geddy Lee sporting one of our Carrera’s

By Jonathan Scatchard on 29/06/21 in: Latest News

Geddy Lee singer and Bassist from legendary Canadian rock group RUSH, seen here signing his book “GEDDY LEES BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF BASS”, on his wrist is a fabulous Heuer Carrera 2447N which we were very proud to source for him. Not his first Heuer as he is a big fan of the brand.

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