Jo Siffert legend formula 1 driver and first to be sponsored by Jack Heuer

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Welcome to the first in our new series on Heuer watches and the Celebrities and Motor racing heritage of this iconic brand.

Our first subject is Jo (Seppi) Siffert who was not only an F1 Winner (Brands Hatch 1968) but a world famous Sports and Endurance racer ( 24 hours Daytona – 12 Hours of Sebring – 1000 K Nurburgring ) he drove Iconic Porsches – 907 and 917 along with Brian Redman.

Seppi developed a friendship with Jack Heuer in the late 60’s as Jack had bought a Porsche from Seppi’s Porsche dealership in Fribourg – This led to Heuer being the

FIRST brand name to appear on an F1 car that was not automotive related!


J0 Siffert reputedly used to sell his watches to drivers – even on the Grid!!


The watch that is most associated with Seppi is the famous Autavia White dial 1163T – affectionately known as the ‘Siffert Autavia ‘– which is highly prized and much sought after.


Seppi became somewhat of a cult hero to other drivers and when the film Le Mans started recording  in 1970 Steve McQueen said he wanted to ‘Look like Siffert’ – so the Striped racing suit was commissioned with the HEUER Logo on them and the watch chosen by McQueen was the MONACO – and so another legend was born ( this watch is still produced today and has become one of the best selling watches ever in re edition for Tag Heuer) . The Porsche 917 in Gulf livery  in duck egg blue with orange stripes is one of the most iconic images of Motorsport ever.


Did You Know –  For the 1971 film le Mans – Jo Siffert  and Brian Redman actually drove the Porsche 917 as McQueen’s insurers would not let him drive!

Did You Know –  Seppi owned his own racing team – Siffert Racing.

Jo Siffert Racing

Did You Know –  The Porsche 917 featured in the film Le Mans is coming up for auction very soon- This is the car that disappeared for over 30 years – it was discovered and then restored in the original Gulf racing colours! – The Auction Price ? – Stay tuned – we will let you know ( expect 8 figures) His 911

which also featured in the film sold for $1.37m and a Ford GT40 (adapted) was the Camera car for the iconic film!!



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