The Mclaren watch with David Harper

By Jonathan Scatchard on 19/01/22 in: Latest News

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Enjoyed making this little film with the guys from Watchgecko

By Jonathan Scatchard on 10/08/21 in: Latest News

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Rock Legend Geddy Lee sporting one of our Carrera’s

By Jonathan Scatchard on 29/06/21 in: Latest News

Geddy Lee singer and Bassist from legendary Canadian rock group RUSH, seen here signing his book “GEDDY LEES BIG BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF BASS”, on his wrist is a fabulous Heuer Carrera 2447N which we were very proud to source for him. Not his first Heuer as he is a big fan of the brand.

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The story of “THE WHO” timers with David Harper

By Jonathan Scatchard on 29/06/21 in: Latest News, News

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Chatting Heuer Monaco with David Harper

By Jonathan Scatchard on 20/06/21 in: Latest News

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It is hard to describe exactly what “The Wing” is at Bowcliffe Hall!!

By Jonathan Scatchard on 19/06/21 in: Latest News

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New Collection: Extraordinary TAG Heuer Pre-Owned Now Live

By Jonathan Scatchard on 16/01/21 in: News

We’re very pleased to announce a new collection of fine and rare TAG Heuer timepieces at our sister site, Vintage Watch Shop. This collection features a plethora of intirguing Carreras, Monzas, Monacos and Links, each of which have been recently serviced by TAG Heuer. One of our key highlights is the TAG Heuer Monaco 18ct Gold Ref. CW5140, released in a small quantity in the early 2000s. This timepiece, amongst every other model in this new collection, remain in unbelievable condition. To view our new collection of Pre-Owned TAG Heuer timepieces, please visit the link below:

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Vintage Heuer featured in July’s Issue of Oracle Time Magazine

By Jonathan Scatchard on 16/07/20 in: News

Recently we had the privilege of working with Sam Kessler of Oracle Time to embark on a new series of articles detailing some of history’s most overlooked timepieces. Our ‘Unsung Heroes’ series, written by our very own Jake Scatchard, kicked off with the Heuer Camaro- considered the brand’s dark horse in their vintage catalogue. Discontinued after just four years in 1972, the Camaro was a fierce but fleeting effort to captivate a young, American audience. Considered the Carrera’s edgier sister, this 37mm cushion-shaped has amassed a cult following among collectors, causing a gradual rise in price for some of the rarest examples. In the shadow of such giants as the Monaco, Carrera and Autavia, the Heuer Camaro’s innovative spirit remains largely overlooked. However as prices for Heuer’s famed trio continue to soar, the Camaro is witnessing a quiet renaissance as the brand’s best value in vintage. Produced in the late ‘60s golden era of legendary sports watches, the early three register Camaro shares its Valjoux 72 movement with the likes of Rolex’s Daytona and the pre-806 Breitling Navitimer. For the serious collector, the Camaro checks all boxes by merit of its specifications alone. Yet for the modern enthusiast, this watch offers a contemporary flare that many vintage pieces do not. Please check out Oracle Time’s latest publication for the full article and more insight on this fabulous timepiece. Stay tuned for the next in the ‘Unsung Heroes’ series (suggestions are welcome!) We are continually sourcing the finest Camaros- all of which can40

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We can now make a mount to fit any watch on the dashboard (or desk)

By Jonathan Scatchard on 28/05/19 in: Latest News, News

We are very happy to present custom made mounts which can take any stop watch and mount it on the dash board of your classic car. The finish is in either black PVD or engine turned steel. They can be made to fit any number you wish, please email for details. Timing boards will also soon be available, keep in touch and look out for our new page “Heuer sports timers”.

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Barclays Center in New York choose one of our lovely vintage Heuer’s to present to Ed Sheeran

By Andy A on 30/11/18 in: Latest News

Many thanks to the Barclays Center in New York for choosing one of our lovely vintage Heuer’s to present to Ed Sheeran as a momento of his performance on the 31 May.

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An absolute honour, lunch with Jack Heuer

By Jonathan Scatchard on 15/11/18 in: News

We were delighted to be invited by Tag Heuer to the launch of the museum in motion exhibition in London on November the 12th and very excited and honoured to be asked to a private lunch with the wonderful Jack Heuer. Jonathan was lucky enough to be sat next to Jack and learned of his experiences with Jo Siffert and the circumstances which lead to him  meeting and working with Enzo Ferrari and some of his design principles which have produced such legendary watches. 86 years old and still full of passion, an exceptional man . Old friends who were with us at the beginning , Arno Haslinger and Paul Maudsley added to the fun and nostalgia. A day we will never forget.

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Did you know Mick Jagger is a Heuer fan?

By Jonathan Scatchard on 15/03/18 in: Latest News

English singer Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sitting on a park bench in a panama hat and two-tone shoes, October 1973. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Some great pictures have emerged of Mick Jagger wearing a Heuer Carrera blue dial 1553 in the early seventies. We do applaud his choice the Carrera is a little in the shadow of the racing Autavia’s , the blue dial is quite stunning when you see it in the flesh.

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The King of Cool

By Jonathan Scatchard on 13/03/18 in: News

A nice article about the King of Cool, well done Rox Jewellers!

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Come to our “Pop up Store”

By Jonathan Scatchard on 03/01/18 in: News

Next week we’ll be hosting a pop up at the Bamford Grooming Department Threadneedle store in London. For three days (11th, 12th & 13th Dec) we’ll be offering a chance to see and buy some incredible Heuer pieces.  33 Royal Exchange Threadneedle Street London EC3V 3LP

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We were there when Heuer became ‘Vintage’

By Jonathan Scatchard on 04/11/17 in: Latest News, News

In 2000 FHM magazine ran a series of articles about unusual collections and collectors. They contacted myself because for some time, while working in a retail jewellers, I decided to look for and collect Heuer watches. Nobody displayed the slightest bit of interest in what were then dismissed as “second hand Tags”; I thought it was crazy that a 2447S Carrera would only sell for £250 so I collected any that came my way. After the article I was contacted by Neil Duckworth, managing director of Tag Heuer, who had been with the brand before the Tag takeover and therefore had quite a collection of unsold Heuer watches in his arsenal. We decided to offer both collections for sale through Sotheby’s online which in those times was a very new format of selling. The interest and publicity and success of the sale indicated that there was a greater appreciation for these fabulous old timepieces than I had first anticipated; thus inspiring the creation of which I launched 3 years later. I could never have predicted the heights at which prices have sky-rocketed to today and have no doubt that they will continue to rise. What a long way we have come in such a short time. Enclosed is a link to the press release for the original auction quoting average prices of $600 but Monacos were expected to reach $1500! file:///C:/Users/Jonathan/Desktop/heuer%20auction%202000.pdf  

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Paul Newmans Rolex becomes the worlds most expensive watch. Total price $17.75 million ! The growth in interest in vintage watches shows no signs of slowing.

By Jonathan Scatchard on 28/10/17 in: Latest News, News

Follow this link to see all the drama.

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By Jonathan Scatchard on 19/10/17 in: Latest News, News

A fascinating new re edition from Tag Heuer has just been announced. A tribute to racing legend Ronnie Peterson only 40 pieces made and available only in Sweden, for the full story go to Callibre 11

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By Jonathan Scatchard on 13/10/17 in: Latest News

The Bamford watch department has become the Official partner to Tag Heuer for the customisation of their watches. This means you can create your own version of the Monaco, Autavia or Carrera. It is great fun to experiment on the state of the art web site, choose your case material, dial colours and all the aspects of the dials. Maybe not for the purist but we have seen many examples of these watches appearing on social media and in the occasional auction. Bamford are at the forefront of this process so These Tag Heuer classics are in very good hands. Well worth checking out the site, even if you just wish to see what a yellow dial Monaco might look like! The dedicated new online customiser will be launched on 12th October 2017. Created pieces will be available for purchase directly from BWD and at worldwide stockists including Dover Street Market and Colette. Prices are available on request.

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Keep an eye out on the road for

By Jonathan Scatchard on 27/09/17 in: Latest News

If you find yourself in Leeds on Wellington road armley gyrotary , check out our fabulous new banner, courtesy of our friends at Kong Media . Those Carrera’s are looking very cool!

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The Drivers Club

By Jonathan Scatchard on 23/09/17 in: Latest News

We have our office at the spectacular Bowcliffe Hall, just off the A1 near Wetherby in west Yorkshire. For viewings of our watches by appointment, we use the outstanding private drivers club, the perfect surroundings to view watches and enjoy the stunning collections of Motor art and memorabilia. Email us if you would like to visit and which watches you would like to view. Here is a link showing just how special the drivers club is.

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The Story of James Garners Carrera

By Rob Kendal on 29/08/17 in: Latest News

Pictures of Hollywood legend wearing a classic Carrera would often turn up in forums etc, great shots of James in the Rockford Files with this iconic chronograph were shared on the net in various forums with a mystery line of text which could not be deciphered. One day I tweeted a great picture of James and the watch and was delighted to get a “like” by Gigi Garner, James’ daughter, so after a couple of messages followed by a phone call I was so excited that Gigi said she had a her Dad’s watch and the mystery text turned out to be his name. The next thing to do was get David from the brilliant to tell the story. We will have some more news to follow- keep watching the site for clues!

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Come and visit us at the Harrogate Pavilions Antique fair November 17th to 19th

By Jonathan Scatchard on 28/08/17 in: Latest News, News

The fair onefair when all our collections are on view, email [email protected] for complimentary tickets or download from , look forward to seeing you there.

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Vintage Heuer Featured in GQ Magazine June 2018

By Jonathan Scatchard on 25/08/17 in: Latest News, News

The June 2018 issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly illuminates both the splendour of modern watchmaking as well as fascinating tales of the field’s past. In the coming month’s GQ Watch and Jewellery guide, Bill Prince details the extraordinary partnership shared by aviation and watchmaking and how this important relationship is evoked through the 2018 Cartier Santos. Furthermore the guide draws attention to newly launched collections to be presented at The Royal Exchange’s fifth annual Watch & Jewellery Week, as well gifting the spotlight to the highly acclaimed carbon-cased TAG Heuer x Bamford Watch Department exclusive Monaco. Recently Jonathan, one of the founders of Vintage Heuer, was contacted by James Gurney to assist with part 5 of the Anatomy of a Watch Collection which explores the value in collecting alternative watch brands. In the article Jonathan attributes the evolving vintage Heuer market to its rich heritage, with each Heuer watch a vibrant symbol of the grandeur of ’60s and ’70s racing culture. Subsequent appeal to enthusiasts of both watchmaking and Motorsports has caused Heuer to make significant noise in the collecting community, causing many to question whether Heuer’s rising market will soon rival larger brands. The full quote from the article reads: Heuer is the brand catching up fastest with the big two and it’s instructive to see how the market is evolving and what Heuer collectors seem to be looking for. Jonathan Scatchard, one of the founders of, has been interested in the brand since the Nineties. As he puts it, the40

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The Vintageheuer/Bamford Monaco

By Jonathan Scatchard on 16/08/17 in: Latest News, News

Following meeting George Bamford in 2000 when I had my original collection including lots of “new old stock”, we have continued discussing watches we love over the years. I was delighted when his company, Bamford Watch Department, became the official customisation house for LVMH brands Zenith, BVLGARI and TAG Heuer last year.   The TAG Heuer Monaco “The Dark Lord” has always eluded me and indeed over the years, I have twice missed out on owning one of these beautiful rare watches. Recently George suggested that we should come up with a design which was special to me with all that is vintage and could also add the “twist” that Bamford Watch Department is infamous for.   It seemed like the perfect opportunity and with BWD’s expertise, the Monaco proved to be a perfect watch to work on. We changed the red to orange as black and orange has always been my favourite colour combination. George and his team added the perfect twist by adding chequered flag elements which feature on the hard to find original boxes.   This one off piece is available for £8,500.

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A visit to the Tag Heuer Factory

By Jonathan Scatchard on 20/03/17 in: Latest News, News

We were delighted to be invited to Tag Heuer Switzerland to a special vintage watch dealers day representing the UK. First up was a very interesting talk about the whole vintage watch market (which is booming, only the day before in Geneva several world record prices were set at auction) and the sharp increase in demand and price of Vintage Heuer watches. Tag have made a huge commitment to their vintage heritage by investing in workshops dedicated to the restoration and service of these vintage watches. We had a tour of these very impressive workshops and also the huge collection of parts, dials, bezels etc. Finally a visit to the on site museum where some of the most important timepieces from the archives are on display, including one of the Monacos worn by Steve Mcqueen on Le Mans, and even an Autavia supplied by us. The most impressive aspect of the day was the new dedication to the vintage watches which confirms the continuation of the rise of demand and ultimately ensures the investment opportunity of buying vintage Heuer watches. Go to our Facebook page to see some photos of the visit.

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Come and visit, say Hello.

By Jonathan Scatchard on 11/03/17 in: News

Come and visit us and view our collections, we will be exhibiting at our home , the wonderful Bowcliffe Hall on Sunday 21st October and at the Harrogate, decorative Antiques and arts fair, November 1st-3rd, we have plenty of free tickets so email us and we will send you some with our compliments.

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By Jonathan Scatchard on 08/03/17 in: News

Nice to get a mention from a magazine as important as the TELEGRAPHS QP magazine , yet more opinion as to why vintage Heuer watches are such a great investment and so desirable.

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We are having fun exhibiting at the Masters Historic racing festival at Brands Hatch.

By Jonathan Scatchard on 27/02/17 in: News

We are spending the weekend at Brands Hatch, exhibiting our watches, both Heuer and our collection at the MASTERS HISTORIC RACING festival. Formula 1 cars from the 60’s and 70’s , touring cars and Le mans Cars.gREAT WATCHES AND CARS MAKE THE PERFECT WEEKEND!

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What is “New Old Stock”?

By Jonathan Scatchard on 10/01/17 in: Latest News

New old stock is a term used to describe a watch which has laid in a retailers since the day it was bought. Sometimes businesses close and remaining stock gets left in a safe or in attics laid forgotten. The “Quartz crises” of the early seventies quickly made mechanical watches obsolete and indeed old fashioned as battery and digital watches became hugely popular. This meant that many watches by popular Swiss watch brands were left unsold, to find one , unworn, with box and sticker on the back is now the “Grail” of vintage watches and extremely hard to find!

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Our new collection of straps

By Jonathan Scatchard on 06/01/17 in: Latest News

We are currently up loading our collections of fabulous straps, we have made a selection of what we like and think look cool , but a full bespoke service is available. We are planning a strap day at our base Bowcliffe hall and a representative from our strap maker will be present to discuss your individual requirements. If you would be interested in attending, please email us, if we can get enough people together we will start planning dates. A great strap transforms any watch.

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Our new site

By Jonathan_Vintage on 12/10/16 in: Latest News

We start this new year with a refreshed website with a selection of watches which we hope you will enjoy. We are also very excited to announce our partnership with the outstanding website CALIBRE 11, for years it has been our favourite “go to” site for all things Heuer and Tag Heuer, we look forward to many future collaborations with David including private collector events (subscribe to our newsletter to receive further  information as it happens.

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Rare Autavia sells for e195000

By Jonathan Scatchard on 02/09/16 in: Watch News

Eyebrows were raised last week when a rare vintage Heuer Autavia sold very quickly at e195000 on a German web site. The first execution ref 2446 is indeed truly rare as less than 10 examples are known to exist and this one was new to the market, it becomes the most expensive Heuer sold publicly. The tone was set by Christies who sold a slightly later version last year for $125000, even more remarkable is the fact that 2 years ago it would have been expected to fetch around $30000!

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By Jonathan_Vintage on 02/08/16 in: Latest News, News

What a great weekend with Masters Historic racing at the Silverstone classic. A great opportunity to showcase our collections and meet clients old and new. As sponsors we also got to get on the podium…..not as winners but still was fun to present the trophies!!

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First Exhibition with Masters Historic Racing at Donington

By Jonathan_Vintage on 09/07/16 in: Latest News, News

The fabulous setting of the legendary Donington race circuit was the host for our first ever exhibition and road trip. Our partnership with the brilliant MASTERS HISTORIC RACING SERIES gave us exposure to the drivers and crews who proved to have a great affinity to vintage watches and a real soft spot for vintage Heuer. It was the perfect opportunity to display all our collections, including Rolex, Omega and Breitling (from our sister site We can’t wait for our next trip which is the SILVERSTONE CLASSIC, hope to see you there!?

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Twelve Journal

By Jonathan_Vintage on 12/04/15 in: Latest News, Uncategorized

Twelve Journal number one is now available, lots of interesting and informative articles about the world of watches, go to our watches  for sale  page to order your copy.

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Heuer Was There

By Jonathan_Vintage on 22/10/14 in: Heuer and its place in History

From Space to Formula 1 and the Olympics – Heuer was there ! What an amazing history of producing world firsts and sophisticated timing machines –  from the worlds first 12 hour clock for Racing cars and Aircraft in 1911 – to the recent tie up with world wide Formula E .    John Glenn using a Heuer in Americas first Space venture in 1962. Heuer was the First watch company to appear on any Formula 1 car – with Jo Siffert- and enjoyed success in the Panamericana  series of motorsport from which the Carrera was born. Dashboard timers for cars was another first for Heuer – and used throughout the world both  in Amateur and Profesional racing Mick jagger and his Autavia Heuer was the Official timekeeper for many Olympic games and led the world in the 50’s/60’s and 70’s in all forms of Motorsport . So many sophisticated timing devices – from Stopwatches to Electronic timing and telemetry – The worlds first Swiss watch company to make timing Accurate and accountable. Even Pop stars and famous Actors like the late – great James Garner and Sammy Davies Jnr were Autavia fans!! Please join us in our shared passion for one of the worlds great brands -you will always be welcome! Worlds first watch designed for Motorsport – Heuer Carrera Typical Heuer dashboard timers from the 60’s Heur – Official time keepers at the Olympics – 1924/1928/1930/1978 Time Trip 12 hour timer – a world first from 1911- for cars and40

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Twitter and Facebook

By Jonathan_Vintage on 04/08/14 in: Latest News, News

Remember to follow us on facebook and Twitter (vintageheuercom) for tasters and previews of watches before they land on the site!

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Jo Siffert legend formula 1 driver and first to be sponsored by Jack Heuer

By Jonathan_Vintage on 23/07/14 in: Did you know?, News

Welcome to the first in our new series on Heuer watches and the Celebrities and Motor racing heritage of this iconic brand. Our first subject is Jo (Seppi) Siffert who was not only an F1 Winner (Brands Hatch 1968) but a world famous Sports and Endurance racer ( 24 hours Daytona – 12 Hours of Sebring – 1000 K Nurburgring ) he drove Iconic Porsches – 907 and 917 along with Brian Redman. Seppi developed a friendship with Jack Heuer in the late 60’s as Jack had bought a Porsche from Seppi’s Porsche dealership in Fribourg – This led to Heuer being the FIRST brand name to appear on an F1 car that was not automotive related! J0 Siffert reputedly used to sell his watches to drivers – even on the Grid!!   The watch that is most associated with Seppi is the famous Autavia White dial 1163T – affectionately known as the ‘Siffert Autavia ‘– which is highly prized and much sought after.   Seppi became somewhat of a cult hero to other drivers and when the film Le Mans started recording  in 1970 Steve McQueen said he wanted to ‘Look like Siffert’ – so the Striped racing suit was commissioned with the HEUER Logo on them and the watch chosen by McQueen was the MONACO – and so another legend was born ( this watch is still produced today and has become one of the best selling watches ever in re edition for Tag Heuer) . The Porsche 917 in40

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New additions

By Jonathan_Vintage on 01/06/13 in: Latest News

We are buying watches all the time so if you are looking for anything  in particular please let us know as we may have just what you require in our workshop. Remember to follow us on facebook and Twitter (vintageheuercom) as sometimes we preview new additions just before they go on to the site.

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Our sister site

By Jonathan_Vintage on 08/05/13 in: Latest News

Don’t forget our sister site for a wide selection of watches both new and old, email us if you are looking for anything modern . More stock will be loaded over the coming weeks. If you would like to follow us on twitter please note we are vintageheuercom .

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Like our Facebook Page

By Jonathan_Vintage on 27/03/13 in: Latest News, News

Lots of great Heuer pictures on our facebook page, please “like” and check out that new amazing grey Monaco just landed on the site!! Click here to view our Facebook page.

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New website live!

By Andy A on 16/02/13 in: Latest News

Our new website is now live. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and our great collection of Watches & Accessories. If you have any questions please just get in touch, Jonathan & Guy

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