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Heuer Autavia Skipper Ref. 7764 MH

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Model Code: 7764 MH

Most synonymous with the Heuer brand is its rich and longstanding connection to motorsport, inspiring many of the names in the Heuer catalogue. However the advent of the ‘70s marked the introduction of a new Autavia model engineered to time yacht races. Known as the Skipper, this watch remains a classic and widely adored treasure in the Heuer collecting community. Its famous red, white and blue yacht racing timer stands prominent against the deep black dial, segmented for ease of reading when timing a yacht race for 15 minute recordings. While Heuer have had a plethora of nautical stopwatches and navigation wristwatches in their portfolio since the 1950s, the Skipper remains the most iconic of these timepieces. This particular 7764 MH model marks the first edition of the Skipper, causing this piece to be incredibly sought after and highly desirable. This example from 1970 marks the last of the manual wind Skipper models, powered by the Valjoux 7730 movement. Two years after its production in 1972, a second model of the Skipper was introduced and powered by a Calibre 15 automatic movement. The narrow period of time at which this iconic model was produced makes the 7764 MH incredibly rare and considered by many as the holy grail of Heuer Skippers.

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