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Heuer Camaro 7220SN Panda Dial

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Model Code: 7220SN

In the shadow of such giants as the Monaco, Carrera and Autavia, the Heuer Camaro’s innovative spirit remains largely overlooked. However as prices for Heuer’s famed trio continue to soar, the Camaro is witnessing a quiet renaissance as the brand’s best value in vintage. Produced in the late ‘60s golden era of legendary sports watches, the early three register Camaro shares its Valjoux 72 movement with the likes of Rolex’s Daytona and the pre-806 Breitling Navitimer. For the serious collector, the Camaro checks all boxes by merit of its specifications alone. Yet for the modern enthusiast, this watch offers a contemporary flare that many vintage pieces do not. Criticisms of the Carrera arise through its modest 36mm diameter- while only 1mm larger, the Camaro’s square shape commands a greater, fleshed out presence on the wrist. Sharing similar dials, hands and movements, the Camaro had all the simplicity of its predecessor, the Carrera. However the Camaro’s major difference lies in its cushion-shaped case, boasting a polished grind on its concave sides to offer a grittier modern character. Much as the Camaro automobile was Chevrolet’s response to the wildly popular Ford Mustang, the Heuer Camaro offered a dynamic new spin on its elder sister. However, while the Chevy Camaro’s star would continue to rise, the Camaro wristwatch would be discontinued after only 4 years in 1972, eclipsed by Heuer’s bold new line of automatic chronographs. Heuer Camaro 7220SN with its three registers is perhaps the most sought after of all the Camaro models. Powered by the hand-wound Valujoux 72 movement, this superb example is complete with an unpolished case with contrasting sunburst finish and clear edges. The dial has all the original lume spots in tact.

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