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Heuer Carrera 3647T ‘Red Tachy’

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Fifty seven years since its creation in 1963, the Carrera has stood at the helm of the Heuer brand. Known for its revolutionary design, the famous chronograph introduced a slicker, more refined design in a landscape of complex chronographs. Simple, subtle, yet undeniably beautiful, the legend of the Carrera is one which truly transcends time. The historical chronograph was born through Jack Heuer’s thirst for simplicity. Following the Second World War, the landscape for chronographs was dominated by those deployed in military circles. Manufactured with spiral scales and artillery telemeters, Jack claimed these cluttered dials became difficult to read. Experimentation with new inventions helped Jack pursue a clean and clear design for his own chronograph. By incorporating divisions in the outer crystal ring, he was able to maximise space on the dial and improve legibility. Rendering an outer bezel redundant, the Carrera adorned an innovative display which found value in dial clarity. The abundance of space on the dial allowed ample room for tachymeter or decimal scales if required. The name ‘Carrera’ marked Heuer’s early infusion with motorsports. Meaning ‘competition at the highest level’, the name was inspired by the ‘Carrera Pan Americana’, the most notorious and challenging race of the 1950s. Like the watch itself, the ‘Carrera’ name was simple and easily recognisable. ‘Carrera’ was later adopted by Porsche and given to their most successful and iconic automobile to date. This only further strengthened the bridge between Jack Heuer’s two passions- watches and motorsport. This 3647T from the 1960s is revered by collectors for its intriguing red tachymetre scale, inviting a burst of colour into the Carrera's traditional monochrome design. The addition of a tachymetre scale makes for a heavily racing-inspired design. This example remains in outstanding condition, with its famous silver dial remaining bright and pristine. The case back is engraved, displaying the original owner's name and the date, 'November 30th, 1968'. This example is presented on a brown leather racing strap with red stitching to compliment this reference's red tachymetre scale.

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