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Heuer ‘The Who’ Twin Rally Set with Incredible 1972 Provenance

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This extraordinary set of Heuer Timers was featured in the Group 2 Ford Escort RS 1600 sponsored by The Who. The famous rally car was entered into the annual RAC Daily Mirror Rally of Great Britain in December 1972, starting in Leeds. Pete Townsend and Keith Moon attended the press party where Moon came appropriately dressed as a bear, lead around by parson Viv Stanshall. He was also quick to offer his services as a member of the rally backup team. Director Brian Llewelyn directed a 30 minute film ‘RAC ‘72 - A Record After 13 Years’, which featured a soundtrack of Who music. This Monte-Carlo and Master-Time set, retrieved from the incredible Ford Escort, are overflowing with incredible provenance. Complete with an original image of the car signed by its driver, this Rally Timer set checks all the boxes for the nostalgic collector.

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